Watch great movies at the FILMCLUB!

Watch great movies at the FILMCLUB!

FILMCLUB gives pupils and teachers the chance to explore the world of film after school.

With free weekly screenings; the chance to create your own online reviews; and learn about industry events, FILMCLUB is an exciting way to open up new avenues for learning.

Although it's fun just watching of movies with your friends, that's not all that FILMCLUB can offer.

Members will see a vibrant mix of vintage hits, international classics, blockbusters, art movies and everything in between.

We will be showing old and new films, produced in every corner of the world, which it's a surefire way to find yourself dazzled, provoked, amused, shocked and uplifted. Sometimes even all at once!

FILMCLUB at Kelvin Hall School is run by Ms Aldus and Mr Wadley and takes place every Thursday at 3.30pm in room 13.

Look out for regular updates on the corridor TV screens and for student film reviews on the student zone of the website.