New School Learning Platform

New School Learning Platform

Kelvin Hall School has recently launched a new learning platform, which is a secure area that every pupil, parent and member of staff will be able to log in to so that they can access the information they need.

The Learning Platform is only accessible to those given log in details by the school and every individual only has access to their own homepage and the pages that are relevant to them.

The site is used to extend learning outside of the classroom and to allow people to access their information when away from school.

Pupils will be able to use the site to access a variety of online spaces, set up by their teachers, to allow them to access a range of learning resources for each subject. They can also undertake online assignments in class or at home and have them graded and marked by their teachers.

Access for parents will be available soon. Parents will be able to access the learning platform to view up-to-date reports containing information about their son or daughter, such as their progress in school and attendance. Parents will also be able to view general news items and announcements from the school.

In the longer term, we plan to use the learning platform in a variety of ways to continually improve student attainment and progress at Kelvin Hall School.

Log in to the Learning Platform here or look out for the RM Learning Platform link on the website homepage.