“Girls into Engineering Day” at Wilberforce College

“Girls into Engineering Day” at Wilberforce College

On Wednesday 12th July, a group of 8 girls from Kelvin Hall attended a “Girls into Engineering Day” at Wilberforce College. This was organised to educate us on possible career choices connected with engineering. The day consisted of teamwork and problem solving activities that mentally challenged us.

Firstly, we participated in “speed interview networking” with current female Engineers from a range of companies such as Ideal Standard, BAE Systems, BP and the University of Hull; this gave us the chance to discuss and think about different career paths available within the industry.

Our first activity as a team was to design a poster within a human outline showing what we think a female Engineer looks like; we interpreted this in a non-stereotypical way by using metaphorical interpretations to analyse the hidden qualities of a female Engineer; rather than the appearance of how we considered an Engineer should look.

Over our lunch break we were invited to visit a flight simulator, and a “Green Power” car which gave us the opportunity to further develop our knowledge of what we could achieve as future female Engineers.

We were then faced with the challenge of assembling a “tomato sorting machine” which we approached mathematically, taking into consideration the size and strength of the device to ensure that it withheld the weight of the largest tomatoes. There were a few different ideas in our group on how we should approach the task, but as a team we worked together and succeeded in developing an innovative model.

The day ended with a question and answer session before the winners of the day’s competitions were announced. The nerves of the whole team became apparent whilst waiting for our competitors’ entries to be judged. It was with great elation that we discovered that our team had come first in both the poster and model competitions.

As a result of the day, we feel more educated, inspired and determined to succeed in an Engineering career path.

Katie Meadows and Abbie Mielczarek (Year 10)

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