July 2015 News Archives

  • Year 8 Bloodhound Event

    Year 8 Bloodhound Event

    Kelvin Hall School took 19 Year 8 pupils to the Bloodhound event which had over 100 pupils and 7 schools taking part.

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  • Progress 8 Guide

    Progress 8 Guide

    You will be aware that expectations of the new Key Stage 4 curriculum and GCSE attainment measures have significantly changed in the last academic year under the present government. All students who leave school from 2016 onwards will be judged on their success under the following changing GCSE measures as they progress on to 6th form education, college, apprenticeships or training:

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  • Year 7 trip to Pocklington Buddhist Centre

    Year 7 trip to Pocklington Buddhist Centre

    Students in year 7 have completed successful trips to the Pocklington Buddhist Centre. Over 150 students have visited the centre and taken part in activities such as re-enacting the story of the Buddha and meditation.

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  • Hull Young People’s Parliament

    Hull Young People’s Parliament

    On Friday 3rd July Kelvin sent 14 of its Year 9 student leaders to the Guildhall in Hull to attend Hull Young People’s Parliament. The day started with a question and answer session in the main council chamber which was quite an experience for all.

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  • Year 11 Graduation

    Year 11 Graduation

    Thursday 25th June saw Kelvin Hall say goodbye to the class of 2015. A wonderful evening saw a large turn out from Year 11 pupils and their parents who met in the Agora, mixing with staff and reminiscing about their five years at Kelvin Hall.

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