Year 6 Transition


Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

First and foremost, we would like to welcome you to Kelvin Hall School. Moving from primary to secondary school is an exciting and very significant time in a child’s life.
This period of transition is an important milestone, marking a change in expectations, independent working and self-organisation.
Students are joining Kelvin Hall, an Outstanding School. Our ethos is to Grow Talent and Promote Community.
Our work with students in transition has already begun and will continue until they have settled into Kelvin Hall.



As a first step, our Transition Co-ordinator Mrs Carrington, will be visiting all the students in their primary schools during the coming months.
Students will have the opportunity to learn about Kelvin Hall and ask any questions they have about their move to Kelvin Hall.

Letters regarding the Induction Evening and Transition Week have been sent out to all students allocated a place at Kelvin Hall.

Induction Evening is Monday July 10th Mr Cavanagh will speak in the Main Hall, following this, you will meet your child’s Tutor and other key members of staff will be on hand. This will be an ideal opportunity for you to ask questions and to buy or order uniform.

Transition Week is Monday 17th to Friday 21st July and this marks the start of your child’s secondary school life at Kelvin Hall. The week is an exciting one and has many benefits in giving our new students opportunities to become accustomed to such a large school building, to experience moving from lesson to lesson, to meet new members of staff and to make new friends.
Furthermore, the week gives staff at Kelvin opportunities to assess individual needs and as such, helps us with our planning to make secondary school a success for your child. We know from experience that this makes for a very positive start to life at Kelvin, helping to ease worries and concerns from both students and parents.
All students are expected to wear their uniform from primary school and the usual school equipment of pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and a suitable bag is needed every day.

The timings for new students during Transition Week are different to the rest of the school, they are as follows…
Monday 17th July arrive at 9.00am and at 8.40 am for the rest of the week.
Students will leave at 2.30pm Monday – Thursday, slightly earlier than other year groups.

Friday July 21st is the last day of term and school closes at 12.00pm for our new students, a little earlier than the rest of the school. (Lunch will not be available, for those on free meals packed lunches can be ordered to take away)

If you do not receive a letter by Wednesday 5th July, please contact the School on 01482 496739 or 342229.


How can parents help to make transition successful?

Moving from the ‘top’ of primary school, to the ‘bottom’ of secondary school, is always a challenge for any student. Don’t underestimate the significance of this moment in your child’s life, even if most of their friends are joining Kelvin and you have older children here.

As moving schools is such a big change, your child will almost certainly be a little nervous. Take time to talk things through or at least let your child know that you realise they might be anxious and you’re willing to listen.


Getting in Touch

Parents and Carers should always feel confident and should not hesitate to contact Tutors, the Year Leader or Assistant Year Leader with any concerns regarding learning or welfare. However, until your child is enrolled in September you can contact Mrs Carrington who will assist you in any way possible.

Should you have any enquiries before Monday 10th July, please contact Mrs Carrington or email her via the school’s website.