Year 6 Transition


Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

First and foremost, we would like to welcome you to Kelvin Hall School. Moving from primary to secondary school is an exciting and very significant time in a child’s life.
This period of transition is an important milestone, marking a change in expectations, independent working and self-organisation.
Students are joining Kelvin Hall, an Outstanding School. Our ethos is to Grow Talent and Promote Community.
Our work with students in transition has already begun and will continue until they have settled into Kelvin Hall.



As a first step, our Transition Co-ordinator Mrs Carrington, will be visiting all the students in their primary schools during the coming months.
Students will have the opportunity to learn about Kelvin Hall and ask any questions they have about their move to Kelvin Hall.

Week commencing Monday 3rd April
Students will receive an induction pack before the end of term.
Each pack has a letter to students and a letter to parents with essential information for Transition to Kelvin Hall.
Included are a set of confidential forms which we need you to complete and return to school in the enclosed stamped addressed envelope before 2nd May 2017.
Should you have any questions please contact Mrs Carrington 496739

Kelvin Hall staff and students will also work in primary schools to enable students to get to know friendly faces and to feel more confident when they transfer. An induction package will come home with the students for you to complete and return via the primary school.
Following this, an invitation letter will be sent to you to join us at Kelvin for our Induction Evening on Monday 10th July.
At Induction Evening students will meet the fellow members of their Tutor Group and their Tutor. There will be an opportunity to view, try on and purchase uniform.

All students will be invited to Kelvin Hall for Transition Week, commencing Monday 17th July 2017. During Transition Week, students will spend their time with their Tutor and Tutor Group in preparation for September. The week will involve students experiencing a range of fun, sample lessons to help them adjust to secondary school. Further detail will be given at Induction Evening.

Again, parents and carers will be contacted by letter regarding Transition Week.


How can parents help to make transition successful?

Moving from the ‘top’ of primary school, to the ‘bottom’ of secondary school, is always a challenge for any student. Don’t underestimate the significance of this moment in your child’s life, even if most of their friends are joining Kelvin and you have older children here.

As moving schools is such a big change, your child will almost certainly be a little nervous. Take time to talk things through or at least let your child know that you realise they might be anxious and you’re willing to listen.


Getting in Touch

Parents and Carers should always feel confident and should not hesitate to contact Tutors, the Year Leader or Assistant Year Leader with any concerns regarding learning or welfare. However, until your child is enrolled in September you can contact Mrs Carrington who will assist you in any way possible.

Should you have any enquiries before Monday 10th July, please contact Mrs Carrington or email her via the school’s website.