School uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of a school and setting an appropriate tone.  In common with most schools in England, we have a school uniform and other rules on appearance that we follow in school.

We believe that the wearing of a uniform is very important as it:

  • Instils pride
  • Supports positive behaviour and discipline
  • Encourages school ethos and identity
  • Ensures pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome
  • Protects children from social pressures to dress in a particular way
  • Promotes good relations

Above all, we believe that school uniform indicates a pupil’s readiness for work and therefore supports effective teaching and learning.

Official school uniform items are only available from our authorised school uniform suppliers APC.


AVAILABLE NOW TO PURCHASE FROM THE SCHOOL -  Black Embroidered Sweatshirts, Trutex White Polos and PE Kit


Our school uniform is:

Black sweatshirt with school logo

Sweatshirts must display the school logo.

OPTIONAL:  Black V-necked sweater (boys or girls) or cardigan (girls) with new school logo. This is only available for students in years 9 to 11. 

Some parents enquired about the possibility of additional sizes of the girls’ cardigan as the design is quite close-fitting.  This was deliberate as this was what the girls had asked for. 

APC can source additional sizes, so if any parents require this, please contact Mrs Jill Czapla at school who will organize it with APC.

White school polo shirt, with school logo 

Polo shirts must display the school logo.

We have negotiated a good price for the polo shirts and although we are aware that they are more expensive than non-school polo shirts, they nonetheless represent good value as they are good quality and wash and wear well.

The compulsory polo shirt will make our uniform much more consistent.  On hot days, when students do not wish to wear the sweatshirt, they will still clearly be a part of our community. 

In addition to the standard Trutex polo shirt, ladies fit and pure cotton polo shirts are also available. These polos are available only from APC and not in school.

Black tailored school trousers or tailored knee-length A-line skirt

APC offer excellent school trousers for girls and boys and an ideal school skirt for the girls, which we do encourage parents to buy. 

They are good quality and good value, but most importantly are the style we wish students to wear, particularly the girls' skirt. 

Fashion trousers and skirts with belts, buckles, decorative zips etc; any skinny or jeans-style trousers; and short and/or tight skirts, particularly knitted versions, are NOT allowed. 

Dark or neutral-coloured plain tights or plain dark or white socks must be worn with skirts. 

Trousers should be tailored school trousers. 

Please check before buying school skirts and trousers if you are in any doubt and please be particularly careful when buying items that have been labelled as ‘school trousers/skirts’.  Many of the chain stores and supermarkets simply label items as such, but that does not mean that they comply with our uniform regulations. 

Our Pastoral Year Leaders will be happy to advise you.

Plain black shoes

These must be black, formal, polishable shoes (not black trainers or sandshoes). Shoes look smarter and more professional for the students and it is much easier to find plain black shoes than plain black trainers. A list of suggested school shoe styles is available from school as a guideline for parents.  The school does have a limited amount of stock of the suitable school shoes to purchase at a discounted price.

For PE:

Green school PE T-shirt OR polo shirt, with school logo

The old style black T-shirts or polo shirts are being phased out but can be worn by current pupils until they need to replace them. Replacement tops will now all be green

Black shorts

OPTIONAL: plain black fleece tops or equivalent, rain jacket, black sports socks.  Jogging bottoms may sometimes be worn in the winter months or during bad weather. Shorts should be brought and worn for all PE lessons unless advised by your child's PE teacher that jogging bottoms may be worn as an alternative. All these items are available from our online supplier.
NB The navy blue school PE uniform with the old logo and optional navy blue Kelvin hooded top for outdoor PE will be acceptable for the coming year. 


One ring, one pair of stud earrings and one bracelet are allowed. No other facial piercing of any sort is allowed under any circumstances. 

Hair Styles and Make-Up

We allow sensible make-up and accept a wide range of hairstyles.  All we ask is that pupil’s hair and make -up choices are reasonable in a school setting. 

Though we do try to be as tolerant as we can, we must have the final decision as to whether hair or make-up is reasonable for school and we do ask for parents’ and guardians’ support in this.

For more information about the school uniform and dress code, please contact the school.

How to Buy Uniform

Parents and guardians need to order uniform from our authorised uniform supplier, APC, who supply the correct items.  We have worked hard to ensure that prices from APC are as competitive as possible, by getting quotations from a number of suppliers before selecting our uniform distributor.

We also stock a limited amount of uniform items in school, including: standard polo shirts, sweatshirts and PE tops.

Orders can be made to APC via their website at APC school uniforms

Alternatively, you can order by phone on (01937) 833449, via email to sales@apc-clothing.co.uk
or by post by send ing a paper form to APC Clothing, Unit 6A Guardian Park, Station Road Industrial Estate, Tadcaster, LS24 9SG.

Uniform can be delivered direct to your home, which costs £5.99 for postage or can be delivered to school free of charge for collection. 

APC visit school each term for parents and guardians to order uniform and for students to try on items for size.  Parents/guardians will be notified when the next evening will take place

Please quote reference: khfreepost at the checkout when you order online. Parents should put their child's name and tutor group in the delivery options section when they fill in the form online. This will to allow us to easily identify individual orders once they are delivered to school.

Students can collect a guidance leaflet and order form in school from Student Services. 

Any returns can be made free of charge by bringing incorrect items to the school reception.

Download an Order Form

Paper copies of our order form are available if you would prefer to fill out a paper form instead of buying online. We are currently working on the new order form to include the new green PE tops and this will be available soon. 

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