Staff Structure

At Kelvin Hall School we are fortunate to be well-staffed in all areas. All faculties are fully staffed with appropriate subject specialists and we have a strong team of support staff in the administrative, learning support and student support teams who work closely with all departments.

YHCLT Leadership Team

Mrs S Smythe - Chief Executive Officer                                                                                

Mr P Cavanagh - Secondary Executive Headteacher

Mrs C Turnbull - Assistant Headteacher (Director of Teaching & Learning / Professional Development)

Mr C Leng - Assistant Headteacher (Director for Learning, Assessment and Outcomes)                                                                      

Ms C Dawes - Assistant Headteacher (Director of Science, Technology and Engineering)   

Mrs J Graham - Assistant Headteacher (Director of English & Literacy)

Mr S Carrington - Chief Financial Officer


Senior Leadership Team                                       

Mr R Khan - Head of School (Inclusion and SEN)

Mrs C Grandidge - Assistant Headteacher (Senior Director for Raising Standards)                    

Mr J Shaw - Assistant Headteacher (Director of Science and STEM)

Mr P Fraser - Assistant Headteacher (Director of Pupil Progress and Engagement)

Ms C Mills - Assistant Headteacher (Director of English and Literacy)

Mr M Taylor - Assistant Headteacher (Director of Maths and Numeracy)

Mr R Grantham- Assistant Headteacher (Director of Creative Arts)

Mrs R Hilton - Assistant Headteacher (Director of Humanities and MFL)

Mrs K Russell - Assistant Headteacher (Director of Humanities and MFL)

Miss J Utton - School Business Manager

Pastoral Staff

Mrs T Ford-Bentham - Pastoral Year Leader (Year Seven)

Mrs D Clay - Pastoral Year Leader (Year Eight)

Ms C Lowthorpe - Pastoral Year Leader (Year Nine)

Ms J Haldenby - Pastoral Year Leader (Year Ten)                                                                  

Mrs S Sullivan - Pastoral Year Leader (Year Eleven)                                                                                                                                           

Pastoral Support

Miss A Xu - Student Services

Mrs B Turner - Attendance Welfare Officer                                                                            

Mrs J Drysdale - Attendance Administration Assistant                                                          


For teaching staff lists, please visit the curriculum page of our website and see the staff lists on each relevent departmental page.

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