School Values

Kelvin Hall School is an exciting and enjoyable place to learn, where relationships between staff and pupils are positive and happy.  We are committed to providing teaching and learning opportunities of the highest possible standard.

Our aim is to create a school community that achieves success by working together.  We believe that Kelvin Hall is a place where people can thrive, talent can grow and community is promoted.

We celebrate success and value all individuals.  Pupils are encouraged to be leaders in their learning and they are the very best people to tell you about Kelvin Hall School.  Come and visit us to see our school at first hand.  You will be made very welcome.

Sarah Smythe


The ethos of Kelvin Hall School is one of passionate dedication, attention to detail, sensitivity to the needs of pupils and meticulous planning for success.

Our success within the community is based on a long tradition of working with, and for, parents and young people. We have extremely high aspirations for our young people and work in partnership to ensure that each individual gets all of the support they require to ensure they succeed.


Excellence is achieved across the whole school community and by working together. We begin by setting high standards in the quality of leadership, governance and teaching and passing on these standards to pupils to help them shape the way they grow as a member of the community.

At Kelvin Hall we listen, evaluate and work constantly to develop and improve our school community.  We have an inclusive school ethos and work hard to ensure that every child’s needs are met and that no child is left behind. We are proud of the standard of education and the support we offer to all of our pupils.

We make excellent use of our resources and provide a learning environment that matches the ever changing needs of our young people and of society.


Kelvin Hall School is privileged to have a beautiful brand new building.

This building provides spacious state-of-the-art facilities to support our staff in delivering outstanding lessons and to give pupils the chance to learn in a modern environment that has been expertly designed to meet their needs.  Our facilities enable us to develop a responsive and personalised curriculum ideally suited to twenty-first century learning.   The building is flexible enough to accommodate the needs of pupils for years to come.

Pupils are encouraged more than ever to use ICT throughout the whole curriculum to enhance their learning and increase their independence.

Pupils are given the opportunity to use the breakout zones throughout school to carry out their own independent research and supplement their learning by developing valuable new skills that they will take with them throughout their lives.


Being happy and fulfilled is important at Kelvin Hall School. Every child within our school community is valued equally and we strive to ensure that all our pupils, their parents and staff feel enthused and invested in Kelvin Hall.

The school celebrates all successes, whether academic, social, sporting or creative and there are regular events and performances which demonstrate our pupils’ skills. 

We believe that every child has talent and every child is an individual.  We aim to enable our pupils to grow their individual talents by identifying them at an early stage and nurturing them to achieve their full potential.

Our pupils are actively encouraged to take part as fully as possible in the wider life of the school.  We firmly believe that the education of the child is not only through the pursuit of academic excellence but also in providing enhanced opportunities for learning across a wide range of activities.


At Kelvin Hall school we have a long standing tradition of working in close partnership with local partner primary schools and colleges.

With the involvement of all stakeholders, parents, primary schools, governors or neighbours, we work hard towards promoting community.

Within this community there is a common vision and sense of belonging; the diversity of people’s backgrounds and circumstances are appreciated and valued, and equal opportunities are open to all. The school is a place where people make friends for life.

Our curriculum promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils, helping them to become responsible members of the community. We are dedicated to preparing pupils at Kelvin Hall for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.