School Performance

Examination Results 2017


Key Stage 4 GCSE Results 2017

*The main DfE Progress 8 figure will be confirmed in October 2017. However Kelvin Hall’s initial calculation for
Progress 8 shows that Kelvin’s outcomes remain well above the national average for secondary schools in the country
and significantly above the Hull secondary school average for 2017.


Our Year 11 students worked really hard this year and we are extremely proud of their individual results. This is the first year of the new headline measures with the more demanding GCSEs and we have continued to maintain a positive progress 8 score for the school and our students. This means that on average, our students achieved higher GCSE grade passes in their main 8 academic subjects than most schools nationally.

Our students have achieved a 41% combined pass rate in the new English and Maths headline figure, with 51% of students achieving the new Grade 5 in Maths and 50% achieving the new Grade 5 in English.

This year more students have been entered for the English Baccalaureate subjects and more students have achieved pass grades in all of these subjects. 34% of our students achieved a Good Pass in English, Maths, Humanities, Science and a Foreign Language which again continues to be much higher than both local and national achievement in this area. We will always continue to strive for outstanding outcomes for all our students.


Education, Employment and Training

The Department for Education reports on the percentage of pupils who go on to education, employment or training after their GCSEs. In 2015 and 2016, 100% of pupils from Kelvin Hall achieved this, which was the best of all the community schools in Hull.
We are extremely proud of our achievements and we know that our very good academic standards, wide ranging curriculum and caring pastoral support contributes to the excellent prospects of our pupils.
Please see below for the current destinations of our Year 11 leavers in 2017.


Kelvin Hall School destinations 2017 (%)

We continue to work hard to ensure our pupils receive the best possible careers guidance, so all our Year 11 leavers continue to access the best possible post 16 opportunities.



Excellent attendance at school is vital, with a clear link between attendance and achievement. The excellent attendance of Year 11 pupils contributes to their outstanding GCSE results.
This is why we focus very strongly on attendance and we are proud of the trend of sustained good attendance figures year on year. Attendance at Kelvin Hall is normally very good indeed. We work closely in partnership with parents, carers and pupils to achieve this and very much appreciate the support we are given by families in aiming for 100% attendance.

Performance Tables

For more information about the performance of Kelvin Hall School, please visit the Department for Education website to view the national school performance tables.

DfE Comparison of Kelvin Hall 2013 with similar schools nationally

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