School Performance

School Examination Results 2014


Capped Points Score- Total points for the best eight subjects per pupil

Total Points Score- Total points for all subjects per pupil

GCSE Results 2014 

The 2014 GCSE results have been the best the school has seen based on the gold standard of 5+ A* to C, including English and Maths. The school is now the second highest achieving in the city. The school did see a drop in average point score, both capped and uncapped. This was simply due to the new performance measures introduced by the Government for 2014. Only the best two vocational qualifications counted for the school performance measures. This impacted on the points achieved by the students and other students across the country. 

In English and Maths, the school also achieved excellent progress measures. Progress in English and Maths is a key performance measure for the school at KS4. This performance measure equals that of the gold standard mentioned above. 

Key Stage 3 Results 

From 2014, the school no longer reports the percentage of students achieving level 5 and level 6 in English and Maths to the Government or the local authority. This is due to the emphasis the Government has placed on students making expected or better than expected progress between key stage 2 and key stage 4. 


From the information above, you can see that Year 9 is making promising progress in both English and Maths. We are confident that this cohort will meet expected national standards in Year 11. 

Closing the Gap 

The school receives funding based on the number of students who have or are receiving Free School Meals (FSM). The funding is called Pupil Premium. This funding is to ensure that disadvantaged students make expected progress and are not disadvantaged due to other circumstances. OFSTED inspect how the school uses this funding to ensure the gap in progress between pupil premium and non-pupil premium students is narrowed. 

At Kelvin Hall, we have made significant improvements in this area and we expect to exceed national expectations in closing the gap. 



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For more information about the performance of Kelvin Hall School, please visit the Department for Education website to view the national school performance tables.

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