Exam Support

At Kelvin Hall School we work hard to prepare all of our pupils for their exams and help them to achieve their full potential.

In order for us to do this, pupils must also work hard and be aware of what is expected of them when they come to sit an exam.

This page sets out some of the upcoming exam dates and important information that pupils will need in order to succeed.

For more information about exams, please call Teresa Comez, examinations officer, on (01482) 342229 or email comezt@kelvinhall.net

Please follow this link for the latest Exams Newsletter

Kelvin Independence

Follow this link for the Kelvin Independence website.

Year 11 After school sessions 9th April - 25th May 2018

Please follow this link to access the Year 11 After school sessions 9th April - 25th May 2018 Timetable

Confirmed Summer 2018 Examination Timetable

Please follow this link to access the Confirmed Summer Exam Timetable 2018 Summer Timetable

Whole School End of Year Exams Timetable 2018

Please follow this link to access the Whole School End of Year Exams Timetable 2018

GCSE Controlled Assessments – Unitised GCSE Examinations

In addition to the above exams, there are a number of GCSE subjects whose students are required to undertake controlled assessments in the classroom, under ‘formal’ or ‘less formal’ conditions, as directed by the exam boards. 

These tests are set on specific dates and times in the months prior to the main summer exams and attendance is essential if you are to successfully complete and receive an award for the subject concerned.   You will be notified of the dates and times of these assessments by your subject teacher in due course.   

Further information is available to candidates on sitting Controlled Assessments. Further information is available to candidates sitting Non Examination Assessments.  There is also information available on the rules relating to Coursework and On Screen Tests.

All exam candidates should be aware of what they are allowed and not allowed to do and bring to exams and in particular that Mobile Phones and other mobile devices are not permitted. Pupils should also be aware of restrictions regarding the use of Social Media.  There is also information available on our Privacy Notice

Kelvin Hall School has an Internal Appeals Policy, please follow this link to access it Internal Appeals Policy


Certificates generally become available to students in the November after they sit their exams in the Summer.
We will contact you nearer to the time to arrange collection of your certificates.

Your certificates are very valuable & should be kept safe at all times. If you lose them, you will be charged by the awarding bodies for replacements or statement of results, whichever the board provides. They do not all send replacement Certificates.You will be charged for each search you request to each of the Boards. Prices vary from board to board.

Please use the following link to apply for replacements: http://ofqual.gov.uk/help-and-advice/getting-a-replacement-certificate/


Finally, Please Remember...

Years 10 and 11 are the most important years of your academic development and lay the foundation for your future career and aspirations.  Please, don’t waste this important stage of your development.

Embrace the challenge, be attentive in class, prepare coursework correctly, revise your studies appropriately and sit your examinations with confidence. 

There is nothing like the feeling of having achieved and being able to move forward with your life plans.  Hopefully when it comes to your GCSE exam results day you will be one of the many pupils who is inspired and filled with pride after receiving the results that you truly deserve.

Good luck to you all!