Yorkshire & the Humber Co-operative Learning Trust

The Yorkshire and the Humber Co-operative Learning Trust (YHCLT) was created in September 2016 and now includes 2 secondary and 4 primary schools. Our aim, underpinned by co-operative values and an ethical approach to leadership, is to inspire our pupils and staff and bring rapid and sustained improvement to the communities we live and work in. Kelvin Hall School is the lead secondary school in the trust and Mrs Sarah Smythe is the Chief Executive Officer in the trust with overall responsibility for leading the trust. We believe our trust is a co-operative community of schools, working together to provide the best possible standards of education, enabling children to become responsible and articulate citizens, with a local, national and global perspective’.

The Co-operative Values are:
• Self-help
• Self-responsibility
• Democracy
• Equality
• Equity
• Solidarity

Also running through these core values are a set of ethical values that underpin the work of all Trust members:
• Openness
• Honesty
• Social Responsibility
• Caring for Others

Our partner schools also believe in these core values and want to work alongside us to deliver the best possible education for all our children.

Please find below the links to the Primary Schools currently in the Yorkshire & the Humber Co-operative Learning Trust:
Newland School for Girls - http://www.newlandschool.co.uk/
Chiltern Primary School - http://www.chilternprimaryschool.org.uk/
Stepney Primary School - http://www.stepney.hull.sch.uk/
St George's Primary School - http://st-georges.hull.sch.uk/
Ing’s Primary School - http://www.ingsprimaryschool.co.uk/

If you would like more information on the Co-operative Trust please following this link www.yhclt.net.