Please see below for the Kelvin Hall School admissions policy, which indicates the admissions criteria applied where we are oversubscribed.  The admission policy for 2017-18 applies from September 2018.

Kelvin Hall Admissions Policy 2017-18

Kelvin Hall Admissions Policy 2018-19

Kelvin Hal Admissions Policy 2019-20



Kelvin Hall School has an agreed admission number of 270 pupils for all year groups in 2017-18.  Pupils will not be admitted above the Published Admission Number unless exceptional circumstances apply.



Year 7: 272, Year 8: 295, Year 9: 295, Year 10: 259, Year 11: 190. Total: 1309


Year 7: 282, Year 8: 276, Year 9: 291, Year 10: 276, Year 11: 246. Total: 1371


Year 7: 282, Year 8: 284, Year 9: 273, Year 10: 272, Year 11: 271. Total: 1382


Year 7: 286, Year 8: 281: Year 9: 288, Year 10: 271, Year 11: 270. Total: 1396


Year 7: 290, Year 8: 279, Year 9: 278, Year 10: 277, Year 11: 270. Total 1394

Application for a place at a Secondary School
You will have to apply for a secondary school place in your child’s last year of primary school.  You must make your application to the Local Authority and not directly to the school, for a child’s transition from Primary School.

Application for Admission to Kelvin Hall School (other years)
If you wish to apply for a place at Kelvin Hall School for your child who is currently in Secondary School education, please contact the Headteacher’s PA, Mrs Harrison, on (01482) 342229 to make your request.  You will be sent a form to complete about your child’s previous education and schools attended. This includes details of any additional educational needs (for example statement of SEN), attendance or behaviour/exclusion issues if relevant.  Please return your form to the school for consideration.  If we are able to offer a place the transfer will be processed and your child admitted as soon as possible to ensure continuity of education.

How to appeal against a school placement decision
If we are unable to offer you a place at Kelvin Hall School, you will be sent an appeal form with your allocation letter for you to make a formal appeal.  Details of how to appeal will be on your appeal form.  Your appeal will be heard within 20 school days of the closing date for appeals by an independent appeal panel arranged locally.

For more information, please call the PA to the Headteacher, Mrs H Harrison, on (01482) 342229.

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